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What Is The Propulsion Engine?

The Propulsion Engine is more than a new method of mechanical motion. It’s a whole new way of looking at powerful & efficient energy generation.

Layman’s Description:

  • 01

    A high-pressurized rocket attached to a rotating element.

  • 02

    Firing the pressurized media (gas or liquid) causes the rotating element to move in the most efficient way possible: In a circle!

  • 03

    Maximum pressure (psi) utilized controlled by engineered parts. Rate of fire is determined by operator.

  • 04

    Capitalizes on Science of Circular Motion:

    • Centripetal/centrifugal acceleration
    • Constant magnitude of acceleration
    • Non-constant direction
    • Drafting
    • Maximum torque measured at the wheel



Our Patented Propulsion Cannons release pressurized 'media' (gas and/or liquid) which acts as a rocket that moves with only 1 internal moving part!

2 Forms Of Cannons!

Our Patent #9,212,626 features Cannons with "Rotating" & "Linear" internal mechanics.

Rotating Element

Attach the Patented "Cannons" to any rotating element such as: an Axle, Propeller, Turbine, or Wheel!

Reinventing The Wheel

The system mechanics are so Lean the number of configurations & usages are only limited by your imagination:
Macro | Mezzo | Micro Business Vertical usages!

Wind Turbines & Water Dams


Wind Turbine’s Nameplate Capacity will be boosted from 32.5% to 97%  The next competitor is Nuclear with an efficiency of 91%.  This is a REVOLUTIONARY gain for the industry…coupled with the US Government’s Tax Incentives & other major governments’ Paris Agreements to covert market share from high emission sources…the investment into our proprietary technology will create a stronghold for your corporation.


Converting to our proprietary system is extremely economical and can be retro-fitted to your current Wind Turbine assests!

Running the system costs a mere 30¢ per hour* with maintenance that is 1/3 the costs of a normal Passive Turbine’s costs.

                  *based on 2000W compressor & 500W CPU.

Turbine Active Energy Creation




Total yield of

Mechanical efficiency so lean it creates a 3x Revenue Return on Wind Turbines in the first year of use!D. Miller | Inventor

Consumer Electronics

onboard power generation

The first of its kind: A power source that extends the mobile experience without increasing the size or capacity of the battery system.

external Portable Power Bank

Create a universal recharge station that any device can utilize.  Simply plug it in and watch your system recharge without a “pre-charged” battery pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put: “Active” Energy Creation is the ability to ‘create’ your own wind source by attaching a cannon/solenoid to the rotational element. Partners utilizing the Propulsion Engine components will be Pro-Active in generating high levels of energy due to:

• 99% Efficiency in mechanics (1 moving component; all thrust moves rotating element in most efficient manner possible)
• 99% Capacity Rates* (Higher capacity achievable through higher psi thrusts)
• 99% Availability (You decide when the thrusts are performed)

Because the Propulsion Engine uses “Active” Energy Generation: When the pressurized media is fired from the cannon (attached to the turbine/axle/wheel) 99.9% of the pressurized media’s energy is transferred to rotate the wheel.

Because Solar is a 1:1 energy source. This means that if you store 500 watts of power, you can only utilize 500 watts of power.

However, use that 500 watts to run a compressor to store pressurized media and then you can use the “X-factors” of Wind Turbine Energy Generation to increase the amount of energy you can produce. (See next section for “X-factors”)

Wind Turbine Energy Generation has two (2) key areas where energy generation can be increased:

1. Energy Generation will be cubed by the speed increase of the turbine. Since the Propulsion Engine uses compressed media (gas or liquid) our partners can determine how fast they want to spin the turbines. For instance to replicate a 15mph wind you would need .004psi!  (The compressors for washing cars can generate 2200psi…imagine the power you can generate now!)

2. Energy Generation is multiplied by the turbine size increase.

Active Energy Creation allows Partnering Wind Farms to  utilize every square inch of land by placing turbines horizontally and stacking them…either above or below ground!  No other technology can give you this protected business advantage.  Propulsion Engine a Paradigm above anything else on the market.

As an “Active Energy Generator,” The Propulsion Engine can be placed horizontally and also stacked on top of another Propulsion Engine Turbine. This method allows Turbines to be placed in buildings and even buried so that they cannot be seen. This is particularly useful in areas that protest the look of Passive Wind Turbines in areas with highly regarded landscapes.

On average, Passive Wind Turbine Systems would provide 12-18% (15% average) Total Yield of Nameplate Capacity. This is due to Efficiency being limited to 60%(Betz’s Law), Capacity (how hard the wind blows) being 50% of where the nameplate capacity is sited and the availability (how often the wind is blowing) being around 50% at the most strict definition.

Awareness is allowing Wind Energy Generation to increase. There are now also Tax Incentives for companies to begin Wind Turbine Projects in the United States through 2016.