Urbane Innovation LLC.

Urbane Innovation LLC is an Intellectual Property, Design & Strategy Company focused on exponentially increasing our partners' marketshare within their targeted business verticals.

Creating new paradigms for the next generation requires new skills and ways of thinking/working which traditional methods fail to capitalize on. We call it Research & Development, Adapting or Innovation...and in today's business environment:
"You either Innovate or Die."

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The Founder.

Derrick T. Miller Jr.

Derrick T. Miller Jr.

Merit. I learned it is the basis for respect & performance evaluations while attending West Point Military Academy and serving in the US Army. I pride myself in knowing my selected teammates and business partnerships can depend on my company's Intellectual Property performance for gaining the "Lion's Share" of the market.

Personality. I'm a Myers Brigg "ENTJ" and a 'Right-Brained' thinker trained in the technical world of Engineering (dominated by "Left-Brainers"). I have an innate ability to take concepts from completely different subject matter areas and solve challenges; this makes me extremely curious when introduced to new subject matter. The juxtaposition of these two trait categories makes for interesting conversations and experiences.

Vision. I am committed to delivering innovations which businesses & consumers across the globe cannot rationally refuse. This means breaking a lot of business rules. It means forgetting everything we were taught was impossible. It means attacking mental complacency with extreme prejudice.

Join me in becoming "The Leader In Commercially Viable Patents."

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West Point (United States Military Academy).

BS Electrical Engineering (2002)


University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).

MS Leadership (2005)


University of Houston (UofH).

Executive MBA (2012)


US Army | Shell.

Air Defense Artillery Officer

Controls & Automations Engineer | Project Controls Engineer