Embark on a thrilling adventure and feel the power of our Paradigms! Maintain top-class marketshare and enjoy the protection especially tailored for your needs.

1 – Propulsion Engine

More powerful: Check.
More efficient: Double Check.

2 – Mural Can

Make customized murals with your aluminum cans. The ultimate marketing device!

3 – Urbane Home

Redefined. Refined. Realized.

4 – Urbane Vehicle Upgrades

Interior and exterior products/features optimally selected, designed & formulated for any vehicle.

5 – Urbane Health & Wellness

Zen out and never stress with these solutions for a stronger state of constitution.

6 – Coming Soon!

So secret we shouldn't even be mentioning this here!
Back away!

Make your customers’ choice easy:
In a Sea of Penguins…
Be the Peacock.

Become Urbane



Anything worthwhile has to be fought for. And so does a bold vision to become the market leader in a business vertical. We require our partners to keep an attitude similar to what Urbane Innovation LLC was founded on in 2012: Break all the rules.


Whatever the fight for or against, nothing is achieved without the grit and talent to produce the desired results. We designed complete solutions in our Paradigms...not because we hesitated, dwelled, or got lucky. We went the extra mile because we believe our practices...make permanent.

  • Not satisfied with the status quo.
  • Follows principles, not trends.
  • Dreamers + Fighters = Gamechangers


At Urbane Innovation LLC we believe partnerships are necessary to achieve the full potential of an endeavor.

If your company creates a "win-win-win" solution for utilizing our Intellectual Property we would love to hear from you. Our negotiation process is simple since we are a small business. Try us out. You will like the results!

Contact the Main Office.

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  • Houston, TX USA