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My business is to ensure your business maintains protected marketshare while utilizing our Intellectual Property. I have developed world class solutions for world renowned challenges and can back the science & calculated results with my own personal guarantee.

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Inventor | Founder

Current Intellectual Property:

Mural Can

A Collectible, Customizable & Hygienic Customer Experience.

Picture Perfect!

Offer your customers custom mural pics they can have printed on a matrix of cans...or even make your own sweepstakes initiative!

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Our motto: Bring our Partners the "Lion's Share" of the market. Our innovative thinking and design strategies create Intellectual Property which allow you to offer customers what no other competitor can provide: Uniqueness, the ultimate key to winning a sale.

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Interested in why we make such bold claims? Take a look at our Paradigms and let us know which is your favorite!

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The Propulsion Engine is a patented (US Patent #9,212,626), singular system that pushes energy generation far into the future. Its promises of breakthrough performance are not exaggerated, but based on the known physics of circular motion. The easiest way to turn a wheel – the platform for our engine’s performance – is to apply force to the edges of the rotating element’s circumference.
Imagine a fun, uncomplicated and hygienic way to drink from a can and you now have the “MURAL CAN!”

Made of five(5) distinct elements which can be arranged to form 31 different combinations! Choose your favorite combo before someone else does!

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A Paradigm so significant it will impact the lives of those who need shelter across the world.

All the new technology being installed in vehicles and we found more patentable applications. I always wondered why no one had thought of them before!
Innovation comes from the most unimaginable places & our heath and wellness Paradigms will prove this wisdom true!

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Wind Energy Propulsion

Numerous patents are arriving on the scene leading up to COP21’s announcement to drastically reduce emissions. Take a look at a few of them here:
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